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The Benefits of Contactless Power for Sorter Systems for Manufacturers and e-Commerce Distribution Centers

Zero wear and tear due to contactless energy supply. Rapid ROI due to reduced operating and maintenance costs.

VAHLE Contactless Power Supply (Photo: VAHLE)

Paul Vahle GmbH & Co. KG provides inductive solutions for powering crossbelt and tilt tray sorter systems. These flexible systems, which are the backbone of many distribution centers, reduce the failure rate in sorting and batch picking, while increasing the efficiency of the flow of goods. In order to keep wear and maintenance costs as low as possible, the crossbelt and tilt tray sorting systems are increasingly being supplied with contactless energy supply. Well-known manufacturers rely on the market-leading inductive solution from the Kamen-based system provider.

The e-commerce market is booming. Online sales skyrocketed in 2020 and also in 2021 due to the COVID-19 pandemic and continue to remain high this year even as vaccines roll out globally, indicating a long-term shift in consumer behavior. To handle the increasing volume of shipments, many distribution centers are using automated sortation systems to meet the demand.

“Their carriers have one or more crossbelts or even a tilt tray sorter that feeds and discharges the transported goods with a high degree of accuracy or tips them into the next transport container. For this purpose, each conveyor segment has its own motor, which is then supplied with power by the compact CPS pick up,” says Marc Detweiler, head of product management at Paul Vahle GmbH & Co. KG.

Due to the increased demand, Detweiler recommends the use of inductive technology instead of conventional power supplies. “The faster and longer a system runs, the more the carbon brushes wear out with conventional solutions,” he explains. Nowadays, loops of several hundred meters in length, speeds of up to three meters per second and almost 100 percent system availability are no longer uncommon.

While systems with a contactless power supply for the crossbelt or tilt tray systems are more expensive to purchase, they have a crucial advantage. “Due to the inductive power supply, the inductive system is wear-free. This reduces the Total Costs of Ownership (TCO), or total costs of operation. Thus, an investment usually pays for itself within a few years,” says Detweiler.

With the still high demand for crossbelt sorters, especially in the e-commerce industry, VAHLE’s contactless power supplies provide an ideal alternative for the industry. “Our solutions enable fast and practically continuous system operation for accurate and error-free sorting. In this way, we serve the exact needs of the industry,” says Detweiler. By meeting these needs, VAHLE will continue to make significant contributions to the growth of the market.


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